3 Times Tables Chart


Many individuals who are trying to get their finances in order can benefit a great deal from utilizing the 3 times tables chart. Understanding how these charts work will not only help you have an easier time budgeting your money, but it will also help you see where you are spending too much money on a daily basis. When you learn how to properly read these charts, you will see where you can cut back and even eliminate those things that are causing you financial stress.

The 3 Times Table: To learn the 3 times tables chart properly, take note of the following instructions and act accordingly. On the chart, write in the date, time, cost, and income for one hundred dollars. You can do this in either dollars or cents. Click the button marked “Calculate.”

Once you have entered in the date, time, and cost, look over the top row of the table and you will notice that there is a number beside the name of each month that corresponds to that particular date. This is the cost for that month. Then, you will notice that there is a number beside the name of the person that the month was spent on in the form of a percentage. This is the monthly income. Calculate the sum of these two amounts, and you will have the 3 times tables.