A Worksheet For Kindergarten – A Fun Way to Determine What Your Kids Are Doing!


Here’s a worksheet for kindergarten, and pre-school kids. This worksheet comes in a PDF file and printable. I made this worksheet for a class I teach in Florida. The kids did really well on this worksheet and were very happy with it.

This worksheet for kindergarten is easy to follow, even for a first-time teacher. There are 30 fun characters on the worksheet with a letter on every single character’s cell. Letters are color-coded so you can tell what color the character is. There are also two extra pages that have a drawing of a kitty cat on them and a worksheet for older kids.

This a worksheet for kindergarten because it keeps track of what kids do all day. The best thing about it is that the teacher can see right away if they’re on the right track. Plus it gives the parents to coach the kids, plus it will save the parent the trouble of going back and forth to check on the kids once a week. The bottom line is this a great product to use in grade school or any age for that matter.

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