Connect the Dot Worksheets – Christmas Dot Printables


Connect the Dot is a product designed for kindergarten and elementary mathematics. These products provide activities for students to complete while working on math homework. The product comes with activities that include subtraction, addition, and multiplication. The product was developed by connecting two dots – a b, c – with an eraser. In each level of the product there is a different shape for the eraser, such as a square, triangle, circle, or diamond. As the student completes the different levels the eraser moves to a new position, until it eventually connects with the correct spot.

To connect the dot worksheets use the square, triangle, circle, or diamond shapes as markers. You will need to create a worksheet by connecting the letters of the ABC number system to make a string of numbers. At each stage of the project you must move the mouse cursor over the appropriate letters on the corresponding line and click the mouse button. Once you finish connecting the ABC letters to form a string of numbers you will be rewarded with the letter for the amount of work you performed!

The connect the dot worksheets give children opportunities to connect numbers to shape the world around them. By using the letters of the alphabet you are able to connect the dots on the worksheet. The letters of the alphabet can be connected in pairs or by themselves in endless permutations and combinations. If you like connect the dot Christmas dot printables you will find they are easy to complete and will provide hours of fun for your child this holiday season!