How to Do Dot Letters


What’s a child supposed to do when they’re all excited about starting school and they want to start learning how to spell? A great way to get started is with Dot Letters. These puzzles are especially fun because you can change the shape of the letters. This makes them very easy to solve. Here are some quick and easy instructions on how to do this.

DESCRIPTION. Dab-A- Dot letters is a fun method to educate children on letter identification, spelling, and to develop fine motor abilities for writing! Kids will dip a q- tip into paint and dab a dot onto the correct word or shape on the page before they write their answer. Then they’ll trace the letters from the top and bottom and write their answer on the next line.

PRErequisites. A dot marker letter set or the actual dot marker pen is required. You will also need highlighters, a large piece of white card stock, two different colored pens, two pieces of clear glass that are the same size, and a glue gun. Please be aware that some of the instructions are specific to the dot letters set you buy or use. Other instructions are general enough that they should work for most dot marker letter sets.