Teaching High School Students How to Count by 10s Worksheets


If you have been teaching high school or college students for any amount of time, you may have come across some interesting ideas on how to teach them counting by 10s. Counting by 10s has always been a difficult concept for students to grasp, much less implement effectively. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of resources that can be found online that can help teachers show their students how to implement this concept more effectively into their classes.

When using worksheets for teaching students how to count by 10s, it is important that the sheets are fairly simple and easy to read. It should also be written in a way that makes sense, as the student will have to think very quickly and efficiently in order to comprehend the information that is being presented to them. The worksheets should not be too long either, as the brain needs to be given just enough time to process the information being presented. Some teachers may even find that it is better if the worksheets only contain two or three items, so that the student will focus their attention on each item and get used to knowing which number they are attempting to count.

The best resources for teaching students how to implement counting by 10s into their lesson plans can all be found online. Whether a teacher chooses to purchase printed or online worksheets, he or she should be sure that they include clear instructions as to how the worksheet is supposed to work. For example, most worksheets will list down each student’s starting count, the end count, and the target score. Along with instructions, the instruction should also be clear and precise, and should include everything that a student needs to know. The worksheet will then serve as an excellent guide for both the actual counting as well as the finishing that is sure to follow.