Work Sheets for Pre-Kindergarten Activities


The Farm Worksheet for Pre Kindergarten and K-3 Grade is a fun, educational, worksheet for prekindergarten and kindergarten students to work on their various activities. It is designed by Dan Gibson, a kindergarten teacher from Texas who has spent the last twenty years developing a series of worksheets and activities for prekindergarten and kindergarten children. Using basic farm products, he presents the materials in a logical, organized fashion, each with a visual to reinforce the activity for the child. The Farm Worksheet for Pre Kindergarten and K-3 Grade is extremely thorough, covering everything from color recognition and sequence building through to simple cooking and farming activities.

Each worksheet in this series is designed to encourage creativity and encourage students to develop their own skills through the use of different farm supplies. For example, all the worksheets have “bucket” slots where letters are dropped in from the left of the keyboard, providing a fun, hands on learning experience for prekindergarteners as they try to identify which letters stand for what objects in the drawing or painting. Each sheet also includes a word that is associated with that particular farm product, such as “peas,” “beans,” and “apples.” When the child touches an object on the top of the word, he or she is compelled to draw or paint that object – whether it be an apple a potato, or a pig. All these items are shown in actual color, complete with detailed Illustrations that are colorful and easy to understand. These farm worksheets are also accompanied by literacy tests and activities that are age appropriate.

There are many farm themed art activities for children that help build fundamental reading and language skills. As your child progresses through the preschool years, you can use more advanced worksheet for pre-kindergarten games to reinforce reading comprehension skills, such as matching farm animals to their names. In addition to farm animals, there are also numbers, shapes, letters, and words used in language games. Using creative pre-kindergarten farm worksheets will help develop your child’s skills and knowledge in basic preschool education.